Guaranteed Luxury vehicles

Strictly VIPS Cars don’t increase fares during weekends, holidays, and busy nights. Not like other car service companies such as Rideshare.

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Terms of Service

Cancellation Policy:

Our clients have the option to cancel 24 hours before the pick-up time to avoid the no-show charge. Same day cancellation or no-show will be charged for a HALF fare amount. Other car services will charge you FULL amount.

We require a proof of identification for charges over $500, which needs to match the credit card being used.
We can accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover
We accept Venmo, Zelle or Cash App

Delayed Flights:

All passengers are responsible to notify the office or their respective driver’s about delayed flights. You have a phone, please use it to text or call us at 213-312-5737. Wifi is also FREE, use it to send email. 1-2 hours delayed we will otherwise look for alternative options, like changing driver’s. We are not at fault why your flight is delayed, PLEASE do understand, our driver’s have other trips too. BUT we will do our best to get a solution.
Gratuity or Tip: Our driver’s will provide the professionalism in the event that you will be totally satisfied with our service. We add the minimum gratuity or tip if it’s prepaid/pre pay by another person. With this, no need to worry about giving anything to the driver.

Waiting Time:

Once the plane lands, we follow the pick up time, passengers need to put a buffer time to retrieve luggage and finish immigrations and clear customs. All driver’s can only wait for 30 minutes for domestic flights and 1 hour only, no exemption. After that, there is a charge of $50. All car services do charge waiting time, the worst that they will also do is charge you the full fare and not wait for you.

Hourly Charter

This request is only valid within the county area. Otherwise it will be at a different rate. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Credit Card Fees

3.5% is added for credit card payment
1.75% is added for debit card payment

Cleaning Fee

We want to ensure that every client is happy with our clean vehicles, that’s why we charge a cleaning fee for liquid spill, food mess or pet hair. The charges will depend on our polite drivers, don’t worry they are easy to talk to.

Pet Policy

Pets needed to be in crates or kennels. Service dogs need to sit on the floor, provided with a blanket.
Pet hairs need to be cleaned, a $50 cleaning fee will apply. Let us know ahead if you have a pet.

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